Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BITX Modular Audio Baord

After looking at documentation for several versions of the BITX and others based on the original design, I decided to use the circuit of the BITX version 3b.  First board I started with was the
Audio /Balanced Modular.  I am using 'Muppet' style layout for the circuit boards, using double sided circuit board material.  This should give a nearly solid shield between stages. 

Most of the 'Muppet' boards I have seen use Express PC software to do the layout, but since I am more familiar with Eagle cad I went with that.   Only drawback was that I had to manually layout the ground pads. 

After playing with the layout for a while I realized this will be a fairly crowded board, and even had to stretch it out a little to get everything to fit.  I did the layout as if I were going to use 1206 size surface mount components, and then placed a .1" square over each pad.  This will give me the option of using either leaded or SMT components if I desire..

After etching the board I installed the connectors and checked how well it fit on the back-plane.
The board fits nice and comes down to the top of the back-plane, hopefully this will give adequate shielding between stages.

Not to start stuffing and testing the board.


  1. I totally agree with your idea on the modular SMD design would like to follow you.

    Could you please share the details with me.


  2. I have kind of stopped working on this and a couple other projects, and now looking at doing a version of the HF1 general coverage transceiver by Farhan