Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cold toner transfer and chemical dangers

After linking my two posts on the Cold Toner Transfer method to
there has been much discussion about the danger of the chemicals involved.
Some of these mentioned the effects of day to day heavy exposure found in some industries.  The amount of chemicals used in this method is minute in comparison.  I still have about a third of the 4oz. bottle of mixture I made up after doing 3 single sided and and 3 double sided boards. 

But .it is always advisable to take precautions when working with any chemical.  Even the most common such as dihydrogen monoxide can be dangerous under the right condition.
Years ago I made a simple air filter that I use when etching boards and soldering. It is very small and can be easily setup next to where-ever I am working.

  I had a broken 12 v brushless fan from an old computer.  I cut out the bottom of a disposable food storage container and glued the fan to the bottom, making sure the fan would draw air in through the container.  I then glued a 9 v battery holder to the side of the fan and wired up a switch.
To the back of the fan I attached two of layers of zeolite air filter material, with a single ply of a two ply paper towel between them.  The filter is just held on by twisted wires through the normal mounting holes in the fan.

Very simple and very low cost.  Only thing I had to buy was the air filter material  about $2.00 ( replacement air filter from a kitty litter box).
I can move it around between the soldering station, etching tank and board prep.


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