Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lets call it SNA Jr version 2.8 for now

I have been trying to get a 3.2" TFT 8 bit parallel interface display working with the STM-32 board, but have had several problems.  So I decided to temporarily go with the Nano version, and a 2.8"  display with a SPI interface.  I had much of this working previously, so that part should go along quickly.  The previous board had a lot of additional circuitry on board that had been giving me problems.  I did a simple layout with just the Nano , display with simple voltage divider level translation, Ad8307 log detector, and a Adafruit SI351 board.  I usually make my own boards, but saw an offer from a Chinese board house that I wanted to try.  The board layout was under the 10 x 10 cm. size they had on special, 10 boards for $5 plus about $14 for postage.  At less than $2 per board, I decided to place the order.   Generated a set of Gerber files, uploaded them to their web site and placed the order.  Three days later I got an e-mail notifying me that the boards had been completed and were being mailed that day.  It has been about a week now, so expect them to show up some time late this week.  

While waiting on them, I decided to work on the packaging I wanted to use.  I had designed several 2 piece clam-shell type boxes that 3D printed quite well.  I changed the overall size ,and added cutouts for the display and joystick.  I was also able to design in mounting posts for these components, and added a bezel for the display.  It took a couple minor design changes and test prints to get everything exactly as I wanted it. 

It is still a lot easier than making a design on paper, transferring to  a box, then drilling and cutting out all the holes. Then you hope you have everything right, or you might have to start over with another box.  

I like being able to just do the design, send over to the printer, and in a few hours grab it off the printer sitting next to my desk.  The wife also likes the fact that I do not have metal filings all over the place anymore.


  1. As usual it looks interesting. I'm waiting for more ;-) 73

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  3. Hello DuWayne and gOOd morning,

    I was reading your arcticle on the 3,2" display. I had some same issues with a 2,8" display you are using now. Is it possible that you post the link of the 2,8" display which is now working with your sketch? This would help me to avoid some more negative buys.

    Looking forward for more news for the KV4QB-Lab....

    Thanks from old germany arcoss the pond.

    72s de sTef DM5TU / VY!QRP

  4. Now I am using one like eBay item 201950756171 it is SPI and uses a ILI9341 controller. For the Nano I use a simple voltage divider to bring levels down from 5.0 to 3.3 v. required for display. I usually use the one that does not have the touch screen, but might play with that a little later.

  5. Thanks very much. Now I see what might be the issue why my 2.8" display is not working (ebay item No: 162451444464). Looks the same but NO. On the backside of my display is U1/U2 totally missing on my board. Seens like I trusted a fake, too long. I am going to order your item number......

    I will look at your sketch to implement it to the DDS VFO.

    72 de sTef DM5TU / VY1QRP

  6. DuWayne, one more question, please.
    Where do I find the working sketch with the 2.8" plus Arduino Nano in your dropbox environment?

    Thanks es 72 de sTef DM5TU / VY1QRP

  7. Hi DuWayne,

    any suggestions on where to find a working sketch for 2,8" display....? Thanks for your feedback.. 73 de sTef DM5TU

    1. This is still a work in progress, give me your direct e-mail and I will put something together for you.

    2. I send you an direct email. The 2.8" display in ordered in China. So no hurry. Tnx fer ur help. 72 de sTef DM5TU / VY1QRP

  8. Can not open link
    73 de OZ1CGK