Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New 3D Printer Project

|My poor little 3D printer has been busy for the last week or so printing parts for its big brother.  The AM8 design is based on a bunch of mods to the Anat A8 copy of the Prusa I3.  There have been several different versions of parts created to build the AM8 by different people.  Just looking at the files, I was not able to determine which would work the best for my build.  I ended up printing several different versions of several parts and then will decide which version I wanted to use for my project.  As I stated before, the original AM8 design used 2040 Aluminum extrusion for its frame. I did not have any of that profile, but did have some 2020 and decided to go with that.  Because I did not want to redesign a lot of the parts, I will sister two pieces of 2020 to get the desired profile.  Unfortunately I did not have enough Aluminum extrustion, so I printed some 2020 profile out of ABS.
After 4 days of 18 hour prints, I had enough 2020 profile finished to build the pieces I need.  After Acetone welding them together, I was pleased with how they looked and also how strong they were.
After cutting them and the Aluminum extrusion to length, I started the assembly.  The combination of Aluminum and ABS profiles went together very easily, and fit with the other printed parts very well.  After trying some of the different versions of parts I printed, I came up with what will work best for my project.  Because of some of these choices, I had to design and print several additional parts.  

After assembling the frame and gantry, I am very pleased with how it looks and how strong it is.  The size is just right to sit on the file cabinet next to my computer desk.
Now I am waiting on several other parts to arrive to complete the assembly of the X axis and Extruder carriage.  After that I can start on the motors, and electronics.  So while I am waiting on them, I can work on the boards for the SNA Jr 2.8 that came in last week.

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