Saturday, January 27, 2018

SWR / Power Meter QQ article

I caught a case of the 'flu' and for the last week have been just sitting around without the energy to do anything.  About the only thing I accomplished was to open the envelope with the latest issue of QQ.  I saw that there has been a mix up and my second article on Arduino building blocks was credited to Glen Popiel KW5GP.  Since reading Glen's book on Arduino projects for the ham was one of my inspirations for learning the Arduino, I didn't  feel too bad.  And, if every one hates the article, Glen gets the blame not me.
As with the last article I have build notes for those interested in a dropbox folder along with the Eagle CAD files, Gerbers and Arduino sketch  at
Once I get to feeling a little bit better, I will update that folder.  For now it is time to take another batch of cold/flu medicine and pretend to be a vegetable for a little while longer.


  1. Just got QQ here in the UK and, like yourself up to my eyes in cold and flu as well as a massive burst of cellulitis . Need to get in my workshop and warm up the soldering iron but, right now it ain't going to happen. I have arduinos calling out to have an Ser bridge slapped on them too. Get well soon. Dale (Slim) Haines G4IPZ.

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