Sunday, June 11, 2017

Multiple project update 6/11

I had a wonderful time at FDIM and a great visit with my daughter.  Now I am back and need to get working on some of the projects I had on the bench.  The two main ones were the Spectrum Analyzer and version 3 of the SNA Jr.  After looking at the two, I have decided to make a few changes to my original idea and go with a more modular approach.  I now plan on making one board with the processor, display, AD8307, and SI5351 clock generator on one board.  This will be able to be used stand alone as a SNA or with one of several other boards to provide additional functionality. This will only have square wave output, so will be more like Farhan's Sweeperino.  I will see if I can add the code so I can use his PC 'Specan' software as well  as use it stand alone.  I had planned on having relay switching under software control to change functionality, but will probably just go with  SMA connectors and jumpers to change functions.  This should more easily allow the unit to be built and test itself as you go along.  
I also found that I was quickly running out of memory, both SRAM and FLASh.  This pretty much means that I will defiantly have to go to the STM32 'BluePill'. I had previously gotten many of the libraries and routines working with the 'BluePill', now it should not take too long to get the rest of what I need working.

When I got back home I spent a lot of time catching up on the e-mail and posts for the groups that I follow.   I did get a couple e-mails  from  Tony G4WIF, and Nick G8INE with  information and pictures of the SNA Jrs they had built. Tony also sent me a link to his web site with a post he wrote about the SNA Jr. .  To think that Tony, who is a co-autor of  'Simple Test Equipment for the QRPer' built one of my projects is a great honor indeed.  Since Tony and Nick are both interested in the SNA Jr. III, I guess I will have to get back to work.