Thursday, April 27, 2017


I was working on the SNA  Jr. version 3 circuit board, and did something really stupid.  I had been checking linearity using several in line attenuators.  Just set the different values I was not using at the time down on the desk.  Then I sat the still powered up board down on top of them, there it was the "MAGIC SMOKE'.
I guess it is time to build a case for the boards, before I do something stupid again.  
I had  a design for the side panels I had used for other projects.  It has slots for a top and bottom made from circuit board material that just slide in.  It also has a board slot for holding the circuit board at the correct height in relation to the top. It was just a matter of changing some dimensions and printing them.  I also designed and printed simple end pieces with a lip to help protect the SMA connectors for RF in and out signals.

I wanted a bezel around the display, and something to cover the hole where the Joystick comes through the top panel. 
 After a little playing around with the design software, I came up with one that would do both.  I then decided to also add mounting posts for the Joystick to the bottom of the bezel. 

 This is the reason I bought a 3D printer in the first place.  No more looking for and trying different stand-offs or other bits of hardware to make some thing kind of fit.  Just design exactly what you need and then print it. It might take a couple of tries but, I can usually come up something that works and looks nice. The first try almost worked, except that I could no longer get at a connector mounted on the main board.  So I moved the Joystick mounting posts a little and change the orientation, and the second part worked just like I wanted it to.  

The display mounted to the bezel correctly,  and I have a lip on the bezel to cover the hole in the top panel for the display. The Joystick comes through the top of the bezel at the height I wanted, when screwed down to the printed mounting posts. 

This was so much easier and cleaner looking than my original attempt using standard length stand off hardware.  The chamfer I built in around the Joystick opening also does a nice job of covering up the mechanicals of the Joystick.

I stuck the display assembly on the SNA  Jr. circuit board, and loaded in a sample sketch to check the display and the Joystick operation. Everything works well and looks great. 

UPDATE 4/30/2017
I cut the opening for the display and Joystick in the piece of PCB material,I am using for the top panel. I mounted the bezel with the display and joystick to it. Checked how every thing fits, epically how well the main board and top panel fit in the slots in the side panels.  I think it will look nice when finished.  I need to do some sanding and painting on the top and bottom panel parts, but for now I can work on the software without worrying about sitting the board down on  anything again.

Now to get back to working on the software and finish putting all the parts in the cabinet.  I want to see how it looks with just the printed parts, or if I want to do a little sanding filling and touch up painting on them.  Will keep keep you updated on the progress.

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